Lifelines by Shireen Magedin

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It’s 1975 in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya have fallen in love in an ancient land. Can they withstand the fierce opposition to their forbidden love in a city of deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions?



It’s 1975 in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya have fallen in love in an ancient land. Can they withstand the fierce opposition to their forbidden love in a city of deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions?

The world is changing, but not fast enough for Tanya Kareem. Her promotion to police inspector sends her to Nawabshah, where she will have to prove herself and take a leading role in a man’s world.

Sarah Shahzad Shah’s passion for learning and compassion for her patients make her a brilliant doctor in training. But she possesses psychic abilities that she doesn’t know how to master… yet. Those gifts will come in handy when she handles some of her more puzzling cases that lead her to Inspector Tanya Kareem.

Their journey is just beginning.

13 reviews for Lifelines by Shireen Magedin

  1. Michael Wells

    This a gay story from Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya meet when Sarah is beginning medical school and Tanya is a police captain. Sarah and Tanya develop a relationship that is not welcomed by Sarah’s family. The story is told by POV of Sarah and Tanya. Also, throughout the book, there are stories about Sarah and Tanya involving medical and criminal cases.

    The plot develops the relationship and the problems they encounter with the lack of acceptance of gay lifestyles and the pressures that are caused.

    I recommend this book for those who want a different kind of love story. I just reviewed Lifelines by Shireen Magedin. #Lifelines #NetGalley

  2. Nadia Hisam

    A nice surprise. Cleverly written, Gentle and thought provoking moments. I am a medical professional and especially enjoyed the lovely stories with medical mysteries… it brought me back to my medical college years with interesting investigative techniques to diagnose and interpret medical conditions. A few twists which created the wow moments. Really enjoyed it and would recommend it to all medical students to read and revise medical mysteries with a sweet loving story as a bonus!.

  3. Nadir Khan

    A spectacle! A very heartwarming and bold story set in simpler times with a historical and cultural backdrop! A must read for readers who love history, romance and diverse cultures!

  4. Linda Psillakis

    Reading Lifelines brought me into a world of a fascinating blend of the two protaganists, a medical student’s experiences entwined with forensic cases of the woman Police Inspector. As the two become more acquainted with each other their friendship leads them both to their growing love for one another, and they are both delighted and shocked by the intensity of their feelings. Their love however is fraught with taboos and faced with many challenges. It also paints a colorful picture of their work circumstances and the world around them. This book is filled with action and romance, and was very difficult to put down! I highly recommend Lifelines to anyone who is looking for a great read that is so very original.

  5. Jane Melton

    A very baddie book with some great characters, my favourite being Sarah. Def recommend!!

  6. Janio Pazetta (verified owner)

    Lifelines came to my notice just by chance. The cover looked like it was about a love story in the mountains ala Mills & Boons which I actually quite enjoy from time to time. When in actual fact it is a resfreshing insight into the life and excitement of a medical student and the medical mysteries one comes across as one goes through the grueling years of learning. The setting was very unexpected because of the little known area. In fact I quite enjoyed the location as I did not know much about Pakistan and that corner of it. Although it is also a love story, it is so sweet and subtle that one enjoys Sara’s and Tania’s journey to finding true love without the garish in-your-face sexual tension that seems to be the norm now a days. I really enjoyed this book. Its an easy read and really makes you feel like you are there in hot, sweaty 1975 Nawabshah. Well done Shireen Magedin. Cant wait to see what else you come up with.

  7. Naveed Syed

    Enjoyable story. Location was unusual as were the characters. Good plot. Not something you would expect from interior Sindh in the 70’s. I liked the subtle paranormal elements and the constant’ what next’ feeling. I look forward to more from Shireen Magedin

  8. Tracey

    This is a great story. It’s different from all the other stories I have read. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sarah and Tanya do next.

  9. Alicia Elswick

    It’s 1975 in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya have fallen in love in an ancient land. Can they withstand the fierce opposition to their forbidden love in a city of deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions?

    Sarah leaves home to begin a new chapter. She attends medical school at all girls school.
    This is a unique story. The romance moves nice and slow. Tanya is an investigator. You are kept hanging on to every word in every chapter. I really enjoyed the book and it’s a story told in a different era.

    I will definitely keep an eye out for the author‘s upcoming work. Thank you to NetGalley and the author for an Arc. I highly recommend this book 4 stars

    – via Netgalley

  10. Sharmeen Khan

    An immersive page turner that keeps you hooked till the last word. Highly recommended!

  11. Grant Leishman – Readers’ Favorite

    Lifelines is a gentle, yet still exciting love story, especially as it is set in a society, a culture, and a time when same-sex relationships are not just frowned upon but are considered seriously deviant and against God’s will. Author Shireen Magedin has done a lovely job of exploring these two very different women and their fierce love and protectiveness for each other. Written from a dual perspective, each event in their lives is explored from both Sarah’s and Tanya’s viewpoints. Although this literary technique has the potential to become repetitive, this author did well to keep the reader’s interest by presenting two women who are markedly different in many ways and view each circumstance from a distinctly different perspective but despite that are still united in their love for each other. The author is a medical doctor herself and this clearly shows through the story arcs, especially as it pertains to her detailed descriptions of patients’ injuries and illness, as well as detailed knowledge of hospital procedures and surgical techniques. The central theme of the novel is love and this is explored in all its facets, without resorting to crude or lurid details. This was refreshing and a credit to the author. I particularly enjoyed the sense of anticipation over the two women’s desire to express their love for each other and their concurrent fear of rejection by the other party. The suspense was well built and maintained throughout the bulk of the story, along with a fascinating undercurrent of the supernatural and extrasensory perception. This was a sweet and enjoyable read that I can recommend to lovers of romance with a difference.

  12. Maryam Bhally

    I love this book for its honest insight into another culture and yet it speaks to all of us through the language of love. The storyline takes the reader through many interesting moral and ethical judgements made by medics and police in a conservative society. Strong central characters battle their way through tradition and prejudice.
    Cant wait for the next book.

  13. Yusuf Babar Khan

    I enjoyed the pace of the book. It was easy to read and I felt as f I was living the story with the characters. The medical cases felt quite authentic and were interesting. Though I don’t like romance too much, I was still enjoyed the book immensely. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. Quite well done for a doctor. — Yusuf Babar Khan

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